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Sorrento Centre Mission Statement
'NEXT 50'
Sorrento Centre Mission Statement
Part with a Purpose!

Sorrento Centre is organizing a number of 'Party with a Purpose' events - open conversations and presentations to learn more about Sorrento's future plans and campaign.

The parties are for supporters and interested people in your area (BC and Alberta).

If you would like more information on attending one of these parties, please email Andrea Gaillus or phone the Sorrento Centre office (250.675.2421) for more information.

It's a great time to reconnect with the Centre. If you know someone who you think might be interested in being invited to a 'party' please email us.

If you would be willing to help host a party in your area we would welcome talking more with you about ways you could help.



4th Pillar - New Programs

New Programs - $1.6 million

  • $500,000 – Winter Youth Leadership Development
  • $500,000 – Farming for Creation
  • Sorrento Centre Next 50 Campaign
  • $600,000 – The Centre for Sabbath and Renewal

Winter Youth Leadership Development (WYLD)

Sorrento Centre is known for the strength of its educational program for children and youth.

We now want to develop a personal development and vocational discernment program for young adults from 18 – 28 years of age, focused on young adults who might consider a gap year between high school and other forms of post-secondary education in order to sort out how their skills, abilities and passions relate to the world’s deepest needs.

Such a program requires a full-time staff person for the 5-year pilot phase, and additional funds to facilitate an international and cross-cultural component to such a program.

Farming for Creation

In 2009 we were blessed by the gift of a farm with five acres of arable land and three acres of woodland. Eventually it will also include a substantial hand-made log home, though it will require renovations to make it suitable for year-round use.

Sorrento Centre Next 50 Campaign

We grow food for the Sorrento Centre kitchen as well as for the Sorrento Foodbank and a local Senior Citizen’s home. Our long term plan is to use this for Creation-centred educational programming for a new generation. This vision requires more staff support.

$100,000 will be used to repair and renovate the log home for year round use and to create educational program space. $400,000 will be used to create an endowment to support Creation-centred educational programming.


The Centre for Sabbath and Renewal

The word Sabbatical comes from the Jewish word ‘Sabbath’ referring to the seventh day of the week, the day God rested from the work of Creation (Gen. 2:2-3).

Sabbaticals invite the discipline of reflective practice – a disciplined reflection on one’s work, one’s life, and one’s values.

This reflection is a process of integration and leads to a deepening of one’s vocation. Sabbath can also provide opportunities to experience spiritual direction.

Through a Centre for Sabbath and Renewal we can lower the drawbridge to the majority of the population, inviting them to share in this aspect of the Christian tradition and demonstrating the effectiveness of a hospitality offered with an open mind, a generous heart and an inquiring spirit.

Sabbath can also provide opportunities to be accompanied by a soul friend or to experience spiritual direction. Even fewer understand that accountants and lawyers take them as well.

Sorrento Centre Next 50 Campaign

Clergy, artists, writers, and academics are typically on reduced incomes during their Sabbath leaves. They need financial support in order to stay focused on their creative, critical and reflective projects. The key support would be a Sorrento Fellowship valued at $1500 per month which goes toward the cost of housing and one hot meal per day.

An endowment fund of $600,000 would provide enough income to enable 20 fellowships each year.


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