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Sorrento Centre Mission Statement
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Sorrento Centre Mission Statement


3rd Pillar - New Buildings

New Buildings - $1.79 million

Communal Program Space

In the 2013 Winter Semester at Ryerson University in Toronto, Architecture professor George Kapelos taught a course titled Building Utopia. In February, he brought 12 students in that course to Sorrento for a Case Study design exercise.

Upon arrival, the students were given the new Sorrento Centre Mission Statement and told that their assignment was to take this utopian statement and turn it into a building, 6000 square feet in size and made of wood.

They were also told that it had to be situated on the north side of the site in order to allow for the implementation of Phase I of the 2008 Master Plan, which called for the redirection of vehicle traffic away from pedestrian areas.




The creative ideas, images and detailed feedback from this exercise convinced us that the new building we envision as the 3rd Pillar of the campaign needs to provide us with multi-purpose communal spaces.

It needs to allow for the hosting of large or small programs, artistic and creative events, and musical programs, as well as providing a dining hall for 160 people, a new kitchen with the capacity for teaching, a small private dining room for silent retreats, a new Welcome Centre reception area and administrative space.

This new building will also allow us to renovate the existing kitchen and dining room spaces to provide additional meeting rooms and storage areas.

This new building and the flexibility and efficiency it will offer is essential for the provision of new programs, and it will be a vital element in our plan to be financially self-sustaining.



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