Sorrento Centre
Sorrento Centre Mission Statement
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Sorrento Centre Mission Statement

2nd Pillar - Repair and Renew

Physical Infrastructure -$900,000

  • $720,000 – Spes Bona
  • $100,000 – Farmhouse
  • $80,000 – Other upgrades
the Sorrento Centre chapel

Spes Bona

Commonly known as ‘Spes,’ renovating this iconic building would require a new roof, proper insulation, a basement, new foundations, new plumbing and a modern electrical system.

Since renovations cost 50% more than new construction, we plan to demolish the current building and construct a new one in the style of the original ‘Spes Bona.’

The new building will be repurposed as a retreat house, with common spaces on the main floor and modern suites on the second floor for small retreats.

  the Sorrento Centre chapel


The oldest building on the site, the farmhouse is often used to accommodate summer youth staff.

The building requires significant renovations to continue to be used safely, as the building envelope is badly deteriorated.

These renovations would ensure that the building could be also be used for the Winter Youth Leadership Development program as well as for staff housing during the summer.

the Sorrento Centre chapel

Other Upgrades

For years the budget has been balanced on back of deferred maintenance.

Our “to do” list includes environmental initiatives to help us reduce the significant annual energy cost of operating Richardson Lodge.

The lower washhouse needs updating; the hillside supporting St. Francis Chapel is unstable and needs re-enforcing; and we also need to renovate the lower level of Richardson Lodge once we move the kitchen.


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