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Sorrento Centre Mission Statement
'NEXT 50'
Sorrento Centre Mission Statement
Part with a Purpose!

Sorrento Centre is organizing a number of 'Party with a Purpose' events - open conversations and presentations to learn more about Sorrento's future plans and campaign.

The parties are for supporters and interested people in your area (BC and Alberta).

If you would like more information on attending one of these parties, please email Andrea Gaillus or phone the Sorrento Centre office (250.675.2421) for more information.

It's a great time to reconnect with the Centre. If you know someone who you think might be interested in being invited to a 'party' please email us.

If you would be willing to help host a party in your area we would welcome talking more with you about ways you could help.



Sorrento Centre Next 50 Campaign

The Next 50 Campaign

Our overall campaign target is $6.64 million.

The ‘Next 50’ Campaign encompasses the priority needs of four areas: our Financial and Physical Infrastructures, our Buildings, and our Programs.

In achieving our campaign goal, we will have re-established the foundation on which we can continue to create opportunities for physical and spiritual growth that transform the communities we serve.

1st Pillar – Financial Security

Financial Infrastructure - $2.35 million

  • $750,000.00 to eliminate debt and bank overdrafts
  • $1.6 million in program endowment with income to pay for current youth leadership development programs

Debt and Overdraft

As of 2011 we have had four years of economic recession and that has meant four years of deficits. In 2011 our deficit was $168,000.

In 2012 we undertook measures to increase our income and reduce our expenses. As a result our registrations increased by 28%.

Sorrento Centre Next 50 Campaign

While we still anticipate a deficit in 2012 it will be much smaller than in previous years. Because we have no endowment funds, the only way we can absorb deficits is by borrowing money.


Endowment for
Youth Leadership Development

We currently develop youth leadership through three different programs. Our plan is to create dedicated Endowment Funds that would fully support all three of our significant youth leadership development efforts.

  1. Keep Calm and Wait This new program, designed for teenagers and young adults, was held for the first time on the February long weekend in 2013. It has been developed in conjunction with the Diocese of New Westminster and the BC and Yukon Anglican Youth Movement, with the expectation that it will become an annual youth leadership event.
  2. Young Sojourners Every May, young people from across BC and Alberta are invited to te Centre for a long weekend to contribute their labour on site and participate in a program to develop their spirituality and sense of Christian community. Developed in partnership with the BC and Yukon Anglican Youth Movement, the 2011 program attracted 40 participants. The following year that number increased to 60, and in 2013 we saw it nearly double to 102. This event is subsidized, so the more successful it becomes, the more it costs to support it.
  3. Leadership, Experience and Adventure Program (LEAP) Designed for 15-16 year olds, this 2-week intensive leadership development program run in July is limited to 10 participants. Graduates can then apply to become Summer Youth Staff the following year. This program costs $16,000 annually to run; we ask each LEAP participant to contribute half ($800) and we subsidize that by 50% from bursary funds.
  4. Sorrento Summer Youth Staff (SYS) Each summer we hire 18-20 young people, ages 16-23, as staff members. Half of them develop and run our highly regarded children and youth program, and the rest work in the kitchen, grounds, housekeeping, office support, maintenance and as lifeguards. This is more than just a summer job; it’s also a program for community building and includes an introduction to spiritual practices and mentoring skills.

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