Sorrento Centre
Sorrento Centre Mission Statement
'NEXT 50'
Sorrento Centre Mission Statement
Sorrento Centre Next 50 Campaign

Strategic Directions:
The Next 50 Campaign

The following strategic directions represent
a road map for expansion and renewal.

They are not in any order of priority, nor do they imagine that we are all things to all people. Rather, they assume a closer relationship with the Anglican Church of Canada, a redirection of existing resources and an investment of new resources in programs generated by Sorrento Centre.


Youth Leadership Development

  • Build the summer youth staff as a leadership development program
  • Create a Winter Youth Leadership Development program (WYLD) in partnership with PWRDF, Sorrento Centre farm & others
Sorrento Centre Next 50 Campaign


  • Enable a Sabbath experience & reflective practice for diverse audiences: clergy & laity, families & parishes, writers, musicians & artists, non-profits and community based organizations


  • General education for seekers and parish members, that nurtures our relationship with God, strengthens relationships across all generations & overcomes the separation of humanity from the rest of Creation
  • Accessible education for licensed lay leaders and vocational deacons

Healing & Wholeness

  • Promoting attention to spirituality as a path toward healing & wholeness
  • Encouraging physical activity that integrates the spiritual and material worlds and that encourages us to listen to our feelings and our bodies
  • Engaging with Aboriginal communities to facilitate reconciliation
  • Healing our relationship with the rest of Creation Sorrento Centre Next 50 Campaignby practising ecojustice

Creativity & the Arts

  • Develop the Red Barn Art Studio using skilled artists in the company of others; and invite artists to be in residence throughout the year


  • Nurture harmonious relations with all Creation by organically growing diverse crops on our farm, sharing our abundance with those most in need in our community and engaging people with a wide range of learning opportunities
  • Review our current property holdings to ensure all assets are employed with maximum effectiveness in relation to the mission & vision.
above left: Walking Sorrento Centre Labyrinth
above right: Anglican Young Peoples’ Association (AYPA) Work Camp, 1964 led by Marilyn Fane (top right)

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