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Winter Youth Retreat 2014

5 Registrations for the Price of 4

Churches and associations are invited to partner with Sorrento Centre in inviting new families and individuals to benefit from the summer programs.

For every four family registrations (or equivalent) from a partner organization, a fifth new family or individual is eligible to receive a credit valued up to $600.00.

This credit will be used toward the program costs for
a family’s stay for a week.

Call us or speak to your parish contact for more details.
Parish registration for the 2018 season is required by May 31, 2018.

Details here »


During the Five Weeks of Summer we have a special promotion for newcomers. If you have never been to Sorrento Centre before, you automatically qualify for a discount equivalent to the R&R fee for that week, a value of $165 per adult.

(This discount cannot be mixed with the 5 for the price of 4 parish savings program.)

Children's Day Camp 2013

Salmon Arm is the nearest weather station
to Sorrento
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WELCOME - September Guests!
  • The Creative Ladies Scrapbooking
  • Royal Columbian Nurses
  • Questers
  • Creative Ladies
  • Absolutely Obsessed
  • SOYA (South Okanagan Yoga Academy) Training
  • Private Wedding
  • Aee a list of booked faith community meetings, reunions, workshops, retreats, and private personal/family events in 2017 - here »

Fall 2017
Fall is arriving at Sorrento Centre and we have four programs being offered that we hope to welcome you to! Check it out online today and register through our office. Register early to avoid disappointment.
  • “in other words” - with Catherine Nicholls: October 1-6, 2017 - details »
  • THANKSGIVING BEYOND IMAGINATION: Associates' Work/Study Weekend - with Elisabeth Thompson: October 6-9, 2017 - details »
  • MALE JOURNEYS: A Courage & Renewal® Experience - with Dan Hines: November 3-5, 2017 - details »
  • SLOW FAITH – An Advent Retreat - with John Privett: November 24-26, 2017 - details »
Sorrento Centre
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  • Photos & bios here »  Interested in staff or volunteer positions in 2018? Applications will be begin in the new year. See the 2017 process for a taste of things to come - here »

Sorrento Centre
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  • Dear Friends, It is with sadness that I write to inform you of the resignation of The Reverend Louise Peters as Executive Director of Sorrento Centre. Her resignation is effective in early August of this year as per the three months notice required.

    Louise resigns in order to take up appointment as Vicar of St. James Cathedral in the city and Diocese of Toronto. While we can rejoice with Louise and the people of St. James ... read more here » / Download the letter from President of the Board James Cowan here (pdf) »


You can book courses, meals and accommodations with our new
online registration/reservation system right now - see here »
Contact the Centre - our office staff will be pleased to assist you.
Call us toll-free 1-866-694-2409 or email:

Farm-to-Table 2013
NOURISH YOURSELF! Sorrento's Farm to Table

Nourish yourself – connect with creation! Experience our faith-based farm!

Sorrento Centre Farm is now entering its 8th year of producing fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers for our guests and community.

Our farm is a deeply integrated element of life at Sorrento Centre. While spending time with your family and friends in Sorrento, you will have abundant opportunities to engage with creation on our farm.

Some of the opportunities include

  • Farm to Table: fresh farm produce served in the dining room
  • Creation Integration: Children and Youth Program farm activities
  • Share in the Abundance: seasonal produce available
  • Farm Tours: Everyone is invited to join us for a farm tour

Summer Youth Staff
  • Meet our 4-month Summer Leadership Team and find out more information about what sorts of opportunities are in store for youth and young adults in 2018! - see here »

Sorrento Centre vision wordle
Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada speaks of Sorrento Centre

Diocese of Calgary approves major contribution to Sorrento Centre campaign

CALGARY/SORRENTO – The Diocese of Calgary has announced that it is contributing $750,000 to the “Next 50” Campaign for Sorrento Centre, the Anglican Retreat and Conference Centre located on Shuswap Lake in Sorrento, BC. Calgary is one of the nine Dioceses in Western Canada affiliated with Sorrento Centre....

Read full press release here »


We issue gift certificates in any amount, redeemable for courses and/or holiday packages. We can send the certificate to you, or directly to the recipient if you wish. In the past, parents and grandparents have registered their families or individuals and paid for it through gift certificates. It is as easy as picking up the phone.

Our office staff will be pleased to assist you. Call us toll-free 1-866-694-2409 or email:

Quotes from recent guests

We’ve had lots of guests at the Centre over the past couple of weeks who appear to have enjoyed their stays. Here’s what some of them have had to say:

  • “Wonderful. The service and meals were top notch; we lacked for nothing. Staff at Sorrento Centre are friendly and helpful.”
  • “Thank you for all you do to make the guests feel welcome and comfortable. It was inspiring to be part of a group who are committed and serious about their faith and honest and open in sharing belief and friendship.”
  • “Program, food, hospitality, accommodation all great. … Very welcoming staff! Very lovely – peaceful. Thanks for a good experience! “Excellent facility for our needs. Beautiful surroundings and most friendly staff. Very happy with the abundance of fresh fruits and veggies.”
  • “The place is a little bit of heaven. Thanks to your wonderful friendly staff. You make us feel very welcome.”
  • “Thank you to all! I always enjoy my time here (this is the 5th). This is such a welcoming, mellow, spirit-filled place. There are always great people to meet, staff included.”

Sorrento Centre
Sorrento Centre: Found on YouTube
  • John Bell leading "God Bless to Us our Bread" at Sorrento Centre - posted by Youthful Lutheran: here »
  • Cursillo Kitchen Crew Sorrento Centre 2010 "Never never never give up" - posted by Dan Hines - here »
  • BCAYM (Anglican Youth Movement) centennial announcement - here » - posted by BCAYM
  • Flyover and Bluegrass - here » posted by David Gonella
  • See Sorrento Centre's YouTube channel here »

Sights & Sounds from Sorrento Centre
VIDEO: Sorrento Summer Days

Take a peak at a typical week of Summer at Sorrento Centre from the experience of our children, youth and Summer Youth Staff: here » [opens on a new webpage] Filled with worship, music, games, and many activities for the whole family in a beautiful outdoor space. Bring your whole family and join us for Summer 2012.Special thanks to Linnea Good for the use of her song "Who Am I" (unknown origin) from the album Swimmin' Like a Bird. Visit Linnea's website here ». Dan Hines, Linnea Good and David Jonsson are leading the worship and music for Week 4 2013

Young Sojourners gather at Sorrento Centre May 5-11, 2013
Sorrento Centre welcomed almost 100 youth from Alberta and BC for
the Young Sojourners' Weekend: Finding God
- May 17-20, 2013: See here ».

Compare and Contrast! See how much of a bargain Sorrento Centre cabanas are compared to the similar walled camping tents erected by the national parks "oTent-ic" program. For a description of the Parks Canada facility, plus suggestions, rules, and accomodation, reservation and site entry fees see here » . For information on Sorrento's Cabanas, see here »

A Slideshow 2012 week 5 from Associate Ken Gray!

Sorrento Centre launches Pre-Authorized Debits for donations support
We are now able to accept donations by means of pre-authorized debit from your bank account or credit card. See here »
Pet policy
topWe are delighted to welcome you and your pet as our guests.... We appreciate that your pet is a member of your family, however we must also remember to keep the comfort and safety of other guests and our staff in mind. It is our top priority that your pet and all other guests enjoy their stay so please abide by the following guidelines - see here »

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