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FARM TOURS available for the general public during the summer. Contact the Sorrento Centre Office for details.
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The Farm: Sharing the Abundance

The Sorrento Centre fosters, nurtures and supports community

The Sorrento Centre Farm is committed to sharing our abundance with those most in need in our community.

Sorrento Centre produce
We donate a portion of our harvest throughout the growing season to the Sorrento Food Bank, Second Harvest Food Bank, farm volunteers, people in our community who are in need and to a local subsidized seniors housing community.

Our program of donating food to people in need is one of the ways that the Sorrento Centre Farm will expand. Our farm has the potential to increase our production to meet the needs of people in our community. We can expand our giving by developing new relationships with local charities. We are currently seeking new friends and partners in the community who are interested in receiving donations of fresh seasonal produce.

"Community, then, is an indispensable term in any discussion of the connection between people and land. A healthy community is a form that includes all the local things that are connected by the larger, ultimately mysterious form of the Creation.

In speaking of community, then, we are speaking of a complex connection not only among human beings or between humans and their homeland but also between human economy and nature, between forest or prairie and field or orchard, and between troublesome creatures and pleasant ones. All neighbours are included."

— Wendell Berry (The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry)

If you have inquiries about the farm please feel free to contact our Farm Manager Clay Foard by phone or email ».

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