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Faith & Farming

Food as a social issue

"Food and the environment is the civil rights movement for people under the age of 40"

– Rev. John Wimberly, pastor of the Western Presbyterian Church in Washington

The importance of the preserving our environment has become the social issue of our time. Many religious institutions and organizations recognize and embrace environmental stewardship as part of their ministries.

There are simultaneous independent food security initiatives, developments, actions and events taking place in diverse faith-based communities across North America that are very significant in each community as a positive force of change.

Food as a moral issue

The trend of faith-based organization embracing food production as a morality issue is widespread, popular and sustainable enough to be called a cultural movement. Examples of this trend include:

  • Faith-based C.S.A. farms
  • Faith-based food donation farms
  • Farmers markets at churches
  • Rural farming/community advocacy
  • Urban community gardens managed by faith-based communities
  • Faith and the Common Good’s" Greening Sacred Spaces" program
  • Earth literacy movement
  • Ecojustice movement
  • Fair Trade initiatives
  • Religious books and websites about diets
    • Kosher
    • Halal
    • Biblical eating

A primary example of the movement by faith-based organizations embracing solutions to the moral issue of food production is the development of farming projects in local communities. The Sorrento Centre Farm in an example of this because we are a ministry of the Sorrento Centre and an extension of The Anglican Church of Canada.

The Sorrento Centre Farm is an emerging leader in our local, regional and national communities as an advocate of healthy foods, sustainable agriculture and responsible stewardship of Creation. We are both thrilled and honoured to join this growing faith based movement. This new path unlocks the doors to limitless potential for spiritual and personal growth in our community.

Why Earth Literacy?

"Earth Literacy, as a movement, is capable of initiating profound social change, by inspiring the depths of human awe, love and feelings needed to transform our human patterns of destruction into mutually enhancing relationships with Earth's community of life. It provides a context for engaging a fascination and intimacy with a sense of place, a bioregional context for re-visioning our human meaning, direction and vocation."

− Miriam MacGillis, OP

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