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5 Registrations for the price of 4

Churches and associations are invited to partner with Sorrento Centre in inviting new families and individuals to benefit from the summer programs.

For every four family registrations (or equivalent) from a partner organization, a fifth new family or individual is eligible to receive a credit valued up to $600.00.

This credit will be used toward the program costs for
a family’s stay for a week.

Call us or speak to your parish contact for more details.
Parish registration for the 2018 season is required by May 31, 2018.

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Volunteer for Farm Produce Program
Sorrento Farm
FARM TOURS available for the general public during the summer. Contact the Sorrento Centre Office for details.


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Sorrento Farm in summer


About the Farm

About the Farmer: Welcome Clay!

We are very pleased to announce that Clay Foard is our Department Head for the Grounds and Farm - Clay began this role with Sorrento March 1, 2016.

Some of you may know Clay, as he has been on staff looking after grounds most recently during the interim period, and prior to this, as a seasonal staff member overseeing the farm and grounds during Dave Wides’ parental leave. It is great for the Centre that he is able to transition into this familiar but new role!

Clay brings a vast array of gifts and skills, and a passion for the farm. Here are some of his own words he uses to describe his experience and which clearly articulate his shared vision of the Sorrento Centre Farm and mission:

“I am passionate about growing stuff. I have had a vegetable garden for over 30 years, love old garden roses and have concentrated on growing open pollinated vegetables for the last 20 years. I believe in saving seed and preserving heritage varieties. I have preserved my own food for as long as I have been gardening.

Food security and sharing is important to me, and I believe strongly in the vision initiated by Farmer Dave and Chris Lind of being an advocate of healthy foods, sustainable agriculture and responsible stewardship of Creation. It is important for us as a community to share our abundance and create relationships with others, because everyone deserves the right to fresh vegetables. I feel lucky to be here.

I am very excited to carry on the great work initiated and sustained by Farmer Dave and I want to thank you folks for creating this place.”

Welcome Clay!! We are so glad to have you with us.

You can contact Clay through the farm email address which is and during his days on site you can find him either on the mower, tractor, or in the maintenance/grounds shed, or at the farm getting it ready for the growing season ahead.

What we are
The Sorrento Centre Farm is an 8-acre property located 2 km west of Sorrento British Columbia.

The farm is a program of the Sorrento Centre and is a working model of the Sorrento Centre vision for creating a bridge between the more formal expressions of the Church’s life and the secularized multicultural society, as a place of meeting, a place of each experiencing the other, a place of engagement and a place of understanding.

Sorrento Centre produce
What we do
  1. The Sorrento Centre Farm grows fresh food for the Kitchen at the Sorrento Centre Retreat and Conference Centre. Our guests and community have the opportunity to enjoy the highest quality fresh vegetables and fruit while staying at the Sorrento Centre.
  2. We offer diverse education programming for youths and adults of all ages and levels of experience and ability.
  3. An important part of the Sorrento Centre Farm is our commitment to sharing our abundance with those most in need in our community.
  4. We farm the land with natural and traditional methods that produce the highest quality and healthiest food for our community. We do not use synthetic chemicals on the Sorrento Centre Farm. We promote sustainable agriculture by growing food with methods that support and nurture the natural harmony of Creation.
Our History

The Sorrento Centre Farm is an education program and a working vegetable and fruit farm. The farm program began in late 2008 when Mary Rawson donated her 8-acre farm property to the Sorrento Centre. This beautiful farm was the original Coubeaux family homestead. It is just a 5 minute walk from the lake and includes a mature cottonwood forest as well as several very old Douglas Fir Trees, an abandoned Cherry Orchard and a heritage Finnish Tongue and Groove Cedar barn that is over 100 years old.



During the Five Weeks of Summer we have a special promotion for newcomers. If you have never been to Sorrento Centre before, you automatically qualify for a discount equivalent to the R&R fee for that week, a value of $165 per adult.

(This discount cannot be mixed with the 5 for the price of 4 parish savings program.)

Enjoy the Shuswap
meals & dining room