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VIsion, Mission & Strategic Directions

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Officially adopted at the Annual General Meeting of Associates on 12 May 2012


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Sorrento Centre Mission, Vision & Strategic Directions

Sorrento Centre is a holy place of transformation for learning, healing and belonging.

We will follow Jesus in seeking to love God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength; and loving our neighbour as ourselves.

We will do this by

  • encouraging encounters with the sacred through the Arts, encouraging creativity, and enabling a deeper understanding of the emotional life;
  • becoming an open, intergenerational sacred centre known for our work with young people; developing innovative and creative forms of worship, prayer and music; and by embracing our experience of the Divine in Creation;
  • engaging in accessible theological education and theological reflection on the pressing issues of our time;
  • encouraging physical activities that honour the body and enable all people to express the sacred according to their ability;
  • exercising a ministry of compassion, hospitality & justice; encouraging personal and communal reflection for the sake of learning and healing; and by sharing our resources with our neighbours.
Strategic Directions

Youth Leadership

  • Build the summer youth staff as a leadership development program
  • Create a Winter Youth Leadership Development program (WYLD) in partnership with PWRDF, Sorrento Centre farm & others


  • Enable a Sabbath experience & reflective practice for diverse audiences: clergy & laity, families & parishes, writers, musicians & artists, non-profits and community based organizations


  • Provide general education for seekers and parish members, that nurtures our relationship with God, strengthens relationships across all generations & overcomes the separation of humanity from the rest of Creation
  • Offer accessible education for licensed lay leaders and vocational deacons

Healing & Wholeness

  • Promote attention to spirituality as a path toward healing & wholeness
  • Encourage physical activity that integrates the spiritual and material worlds and that encourages us to listen to our feelings and our bodies
  • Engage with Aboriginal communities to facilitate reconciliation
  • Heal our relationship with the rest of Creation by practicing ecojustice

Creativity & the Arts

  • Develop the Red Barn Art Studio using skilled artists in the company of others; and invite artists to be in residence throughout the year


  • Ensure all buildings meet relevant standards and all assets are employed with maximum effectiveness in relation to the mission & vision

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