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Children's Day Camp 2013
Sorrento Centre Children & Youth Program

Offering an inclusive environment, Sorrento Centre creates a dynamic opportunity for families to take a step away from the daily routine. Children can participate in their special program, while parents have the choice of enrolling in a course or simply enjoying “Rest and Relaxation”.

Our Children and Youth Program invites young people to be part of a community that encourages and nurtures the development of Christian faith in an environment that is safe and fun. This all takes place in the unique setting of Sorrento Centre and beautiful Shuswap Lake.


Planned programming for children and youth occupies mornings and evenings. Afternoons are left free for family activities such as meditation and naps, recreation at the beach, or visits to local sites and attractions.

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Organization and Activities

Our program for children and youth is organized according to age groups, providing activities and projects suitable at each level:

Our 0-4 Program has been created for children up to four years of age. Members of Summer Youth Staff are trained to offer our youngest guests special care and attention. We have both outdoor and indoor areas for activities and play with toys. The outdoor area is fenced. Daily tactile activities that stimulate the senses are focused on early development, safe play, and the experience of God’s love.

Our 5-13 Program has been developed for all our guests from ages five to thirteen. On the first day, they meet in the portables and are divided into two groups based on age. We plan many high-energy activities for our young people because they are the members of our community who are looking for maximum play! Our Summer Youth Staff works to create diverse opportunities based on age, interest and abilities.

Generation Next is for all guests who are fourteen to eighteen. We recognize that teenagers are not children and have created this ongoing program to empower them to explore ideas having to do with faith, friendship, and community.

Learning in this program integrates play, work, discussion, and prayer, all within a safe environment that encourages participants’ engagement with their community.

Generation Next participants often continue their path at Sorrento Centre by attending LEAP (Leadership, Experience, and Adventure Program). For more information about LEAP please see here ». Many of these young people return to Sorrento Centre as Summer Youth Staff. Details here »

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Summers at Sorrento Centre call for time spent outside! Our programming unplugs us from the technology of our world and allows us to spend time outdoors, surrounded by the wonders of creation. Activities during a typical week include beach time, water games, wide games, hikes, sports, and free play.

Arts and Music

Arts, crafts, and music allow participants to creatively connect with God and their inner selves. Our program employs diverse artistic mediums, including tye-dye, bead work, painting, and sculpture. To bring us all together, theatrical elements include games and skits, music making, and the sharing of songs.


Faith is central within our programming. Each week’s program is planned around a theme and grounded in scripture. We help children and youth explore their relationship with God as they feel comfortable. In creative ways we integrate themes into our daily activities that are fun and engaging. Because faith is one of the links that ties our community together, we are dedicated to creating a safe place for young people to experience their faith.

Community Events

Community gatherings are important at Sorrento Centre. For all guests, Sorrento Centre provides daily worship, a popular variety night, water games, a campfire at the beach, and Friday’s closing Eucharist and dance. These events bring our intergenerational community together and create memorable experiences for everyone to


Our Summer Youth Staff members are trained and equipped to meet the needs of our children and youth in carrying out summer programming. We are privileged to have these amazing young adults come to us from across Canada.

Our Summer Youth Staff works alongside a qualified leadership team and is supported by all the staff at Sorrento Centre. Our goal is to guide children and youth throughout the summer, providing to them leadership, support, and friendship. More about Summer Youth Staff here »

Children and Youth Program fees

Children and Youth Program fees for 2017 are $75/child, after 2nd child $50/child.

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